Teaching Endorsements

Teaching Endorsements



Mark Wiggs, Image Journal, Chair of the Board

"Thanks so much for your excellent and encouraging presentation to the Image Board on development training -- as you were finishing I was approaching the point where even I could feel comfortable making an 'ask'."


Michael-Anne Foley, North Valley Hockey & Sports Complex

I've participated in 3 of the Non Profit Management Classes. I can only attend part of 5/8/05 class. The classes have been informative, entertaining, pertinent and encouraging. I suspect you might recognize the top of my head, more than you would recognize my face. I was diligently jotting down all the pearls of wisdom you were sharing. I couldn't get enough. I can see how each class you presented could be expanded greatly to really give participants more refined tools on how to proceed on their individual quests. Give me more.


Laura Urseny, Chico Enterprise-Record

I just wanted to give you a round-about compliment. A member of a nonprofit board that I serve on came to your workshops last year and reported back to us about the details. She said it was so packed with good information that she was brain dead after each session. She was just thrilled with the format, energy and the way you handled Q&A.


Karen L. Marlatt M.A. Executive Director, Valley Oak Children's Services

I wanted to let you know how valuable the Board training you provided to VOCS was. It was the stimulus of some positive movement with in our organization. Since June one more board  member resigned but we got two new ones who are stepping up to the plate. Both of our newest board members were at the June training. The Board was so enthused after the training that we have spent the last few meetings revising the by-laws, changing term limits and they have new board officer job descriptions. Our next meeting is dedicated to establishing board committees. The board members report they feel empowered to do the work of the agency and no longer have the opinion that they are there in honorarium. Many of the board members have been participating in agency workgroups and are more frequently at the office. We are revising our staff reports and the meeting agenda as well to better address what and how the agency is doing. I am very excited and re-energized about working with the board. We do credit the positive changes to the training you provided. I just wanted to let you know the positive results that stemmed from your June training.