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Off To Another Universe

Friday, March 12, 2010 @ 8:00:00 PM
It is an amazing gift to be able to give. It is life itself. A group of families and our church have put up enough money to enable a group of 25 Honduran families to have an opportunity of a life time. The chance to own and cultivate their own property. In two days, I will co-lead a group of 12 to go and be encouragers to the 120 plus people working day and night to realize this dream. Amigos Bidwell travel to be just that: friends. We will sweat just watching them work their land, milk their cows, plant their plantains. They will sweat to earn the right to own. A right they are not granted, but they earn. I go expecting to be blessed. Blessed in the giving and receiving more than I ever give.