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Everyone is a fundraiser

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 @ 8:28:00 AM - Written by Laura Cootsona
The bottom line is there is a place for everyone in fundraising. Your leaders are all around you. Your team is the volunteer who answers the phone (first impressions are critical), the board member who is a Rotarian, your office manager who inputs your data. I guess my perspective could be considered skewed. The way I see it: everyone is a fundraiser. Everyone can tell your story and invite people by their example and their hard work to be a part of the vitality of the service you provide. 
Now, having said that there potentially is a place for everyone, it is critical to recognize that most people will not agree with you nor will they feel qualified to help in the process of fundraising. So, the answer: proper selection, placement and training. Like any volunteer (or employed) labor, they don't come out of a box with the credentials they need. They may have a willing heart, but they need to have the right place in your system and the appropriate training to be effective. Part of the champion's job is to determine the variety of ways someone can be involved and the needed skills to be helpful.