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Know Yourself (Again)

Monday, December 05, 2011 @ 10:53:00 AM
Last week I had the privilege of hosting and participating in a great session with Michael Redman of Half a Bubble Out here in Chico for the North Valley Community Foundation. Just a quick aside. If you think Chico might be behind the times (compared to a cutting edge city like NYC) guess again. Michael brings a passion and a hunger for learning to his craft that I'd put up against any city slicker. Any day!

We talked about what social media and networking looks like today…a few months and years since its inception. Although some of the platforms have changed and will change, I love the fact that the principles of good marketing endure. Take note:

Know your message. If your story is convoluted, irrelevant, or uninteresting, you are going to have some rough days ahead in getting people engaged in your organization.

Know your audience. Who is that you are talking to? Where will you find them? What are they like? Do you know their behaviors, their concerns, their other commitments?

You also need to know what you want your audience to do: buy something, give something, learn something, change a behavior, "Like" you. Be clear. Be concise. Work your story. Vague notions of your value will not cut it in our competitive environment.

Then, you can ask, how will I best communicate with them. Michael gave us a slick tool for determining which online platform to use for what purpose. But, don't forget the website. It is still the epicenter of your online universe. Do I need to take someone for coffee? You cannot accomplish on Facebook, what you can in person with one human. And the reverse is also true.

As we turn the calendar, why not gather your team together and sharpen your message. Don't rush on to strategy…stay with story. Know yourself. There is no better place to begin!