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EOY time again

Monday, November 28, 2011 @ 12:02:00 PM
End of Year mailing, solicitation, efforts. It's EOY time again! I'm hopeful that most of you have already watched your mail "drop" in the last couple of weeks. Now, the question is what to do next! We all know (and it's still true) that mail alone is not going to cut it this year. We need to think about how to keep stoking the fire and getting our friends to consider writing a check or going on your website to make a financial gift.

Statistically, the best option you have is to take 20-50 of your recipients and make a phone call. Grab two of your best staff or board members, or an articulate client or end user and make a few calls Monday or Tuesday this week or next from 6:30-8:30 at night. If you are super chummy with your donors, send a note via email, text, or facebook, just thanking them for their love and support and encouraging a strategic end of year gift.

Speaking of social media, it's a great idea to send people to your website...make sure you have a mini version of your EOY letter in the donation page, a recent picture of a happy customer, and a reminder that every gift makes a load of difference. Use Facebook to offer an incentive to first time givers--a book, piece of art, set of notecards drawn by a few favorite clients-- for the first 25 new givers over $25. Blog about a success story or just retell the story you used in your end of year letter. Show pictures, make noise, create buzz. If you are an e-news kinda organization, weave a version of your end of year ask into an E-news.

It would be great if during a 3 week period they got reminded to give 3-4-5 times! That will get their attention. Remember to loop back in January and thank them that many times too. Be sure every gift is acknowledged quickly (within 48 hours) and personally (a note at the bottom of your letter rocks!).

Once the tenth rolls around, then you need to stay calm, check mail often, and send holiday greetings or small gifts to your best donors. Let them feel the love. Without them, you and your employees would be searching for work this Christmas.