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People Give to People

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 @ 10:54:00 AM - Written by Laura Cootsona
This is the oldest fundraising adage out there. Yesterday's Chronicle of Philanthropy referenced a study about giving in the recession. Conducted in January by Cygnus Applied Research, the survey polled 17,365 people who had given in the past to charity. The respondents donated an average of $11,490 last year. These studies are fascinating as they appeal to our desire for tea leaves. Our desire to have a crystal ball and look ahead.

You should check out the post on their site for the full article (, but be aware that there is still glimmers of hope.

Turns out that people keep giving to people in economic hard times.

While a recession may not seem like the ideal time to seek out new donors, many people in the survey (42.5 percent) said they would give to a charity they had not supported in the past if someone they knew was seeking the gift. Many donors (40.3 percent) said they were also willing to give for the first time if the charity was working directly to help people hurt by the recession.

Turns out that generous people stick with people they trust to give to truly hurting people. This gives me hope and reminds me to stick with relational fundraising. It is all about the people.