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It's ok to be wrong

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 @ 10:06:00 AM - Written by Laura Cootsona - 1 comments
I just listened to an inspiring TED talk by Kathryn Schulz who is the author of "Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error." She talks to us about something we know well: the pursuit of perfection in the midst of our wrongness. She says when someone doesn't see the world the way we do we assume they are wrong based on three assumptions: they are ignorant, they are idiots, or they are evil. Instead, she encourages us to look at our reality and consider that maybe we aren't getting it right. Surely innovation is based on an agreement that the way things are being done is not adequate or no longer adequate for the challenges at hand. These methods or approaches are wrong. Or, if we keep hitting road blocks, maybe we are not seeing the signs or interpreting them well. Its ok. We are humans, fallible, unable to see clearly. This admission of wrongness opens up a world of possibility. Can we let ourselves be wrong? Can we let each other test and try and fail? Maybe its ok not to get an A and go down a trail that leads no where. Because, what we find instead is information we need to get it right, to find the path that leads to the vista. Ah, Kathryn is inspiring. She speaks of freedom.