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Tech Talk

Monday, April 04, 2011 @ 9:25:00 AM - Written by Laura Cootsona - 1 comments
Increasingly I spend my time on the computer trying to be more efficient, inhale more content, and increase my communication with those I serve. I'm guessing each of you are doing the same. I was reading in the most recent issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy today and discovered a new service thanks to the largess of Google. Sign up for this newsletter, free for you and me, to help us use technology better. The lead article is all about bringing in some simple technology for your board. Here is the link:

A couple of personal endorsements. I get my best ideas from others and here are my reigning two for the moment: Wiggio and Doodle. I've been a Wiggio ( fan since I discovered it almost two years ago. It is a free platform to create closed communities for blogging, document posting, shared calendars, live chats, and simple surveying. I've used it with boards who use it to share documents (ever wonder where those minutes ended up?), with retreat participants to introduce themselves and share advance content, and with an association to share resources we discover together and apart. Check it out. Doodle ( is merely a scheduling a tool. But clean, easy and smooth it is. I use it whenever I'm scheduling 3 or more people and it is beautiful. No more email jumbles in my inbox.