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The Gift of Giving

Monday, December 20, 2010 @ 1:11:00 PM - Written by Laura Cootsona
It is hard to fathom a month of no blog posts. It seems all I do is read, process, share and read some more. I have had my head in domestic violence, adults with disabilities, theology, collaboration, community organizing, old fashioned people management, encouraging companies to do their part, virtual communications, and the arts. Meanwhile, as a mom, I've hosted Thanksgiving, celebrated the 87th birthday of my favorite father-in-law, rejoiced with my newly minted 16 year old daughter, hoisted the computer across town during finals week to save the documents hidden in the hard drive, bought and decorated a tree, traveled to Kentucky, baked a loaf of cranberry bread, coaxed a Christmas card out of cyber space and celebrated my husband for landing a ridiculously large grant. Ah...I love this time of year! I'm keeping gifts simple this year. For the most part there are none. Who among us needs anything? My girls have the assignment before Christmas to fill a garbage bag to take down to the Arc Store to give away. But the few gifts I'm giving are simple: 1) a chicken, backpack, or water system "in your name" for someone who needs food, an education, water to survive. or 2) a $25 gift card called "the gift of giving" to share the love of giving with friends who have it all, or 3) Mark Labberton's book, The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor, for those who want to think long and hard about seeing our neighbor and loving them with new eyes. Ah, this could transform 2011 and many years to come. So, as this is likely the last post of 2010. Rejoice. Be thankful. Take in all that you have and are and the privilege of doing work that matters. Until the new year, Laura