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E.O.Y. Strikes Again

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 1:48:00 PM
It is closing in on Halloween. One of my clients told me that he dropped (i.e. mailed) his end of year ask letter yesterday. Now we are talking. End of year, is no longer end of year. I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Don't just drop the letter in the mail. Care must be taken as to what it says, to whom, the way it is mailed, and the timing. The most effective mailing is followed up somehow: a phone call, another mailing, an email, a facebook, a constant contact, a web presence. Yes. Better if we do all of the above. My marketing experts tell me it takes a long time to get someone's attention. Your letter may never be opened; you might leave 10 messages and never connect by phone with anyone. Some might find you on facebook. Some might search for your newest and greatest on the web. Give them plenty of ways to be in contact with you...reminding them, sharing with them,  bringing value to them, offering something to them, conversing with them. Yes. Yes. Yes.

So, if you are wondering when to start and when to end. Yes, drop that letter soon. We want to be in their home by Nov. 17 this year. That gives them a few days before they go into full turkey mode. If you call to follow up, call them the week after Thanksgiving. Send your constant contact then too. Start Facebook and web messaging simultaneously to your mail drop. And then do it again...All the way to Dec. 30. They are saying, don't wait til Dec. 31 this year because it is a Friday and people will be heading out of town for a 3 day weekend for the New Year. Please share with us how you will enhance your end of year mailing in 2010!