About Laura

About Laura


Let me step back and tell you why I have made it my life's work to coach nonprofit executives, boards, and communities to be more effective in their management practices.

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother dressing in her "pink lady" uniform to go off to Stanford Hospital into the Pediatric Cancer ward. Week in and week out she trotted over there to serve kids and families with serious illness. My dad was doing his part too. I'd tag along with him to the recycling center well before it was trendy. And, his pet project was "Friends Outside" who served inmates and their families in East Palo Alto. He was commonly going "inside" to help inmates facing release write their resumes and create a plan to re-enter life after prison.

So it is no surprise that I began work in the social sector while at Berkeley with the homeless and found my career thereafter working with volunteers in over 100 agencies and then in fundraising and consulting.

The bottom line for me is: I don't want to be anywhere else because I love to work with passionate entrepreneurs who care about relationships and about our world.

At LRCConsulting I work to understand your organization so that I can tailor my services to build on your strengths and support the areas where you lack skill. We make an efficient assessment of where you are. We design a plan that can be implemented given your reality: the resources you have to spend and the resources you can garner through relationships. I then live in the coaching role-encouraging, cheerleading, sharpening, correcting, nudging, badgering, and celebrating.
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